Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Week #2 in Review

Another week down - half way there!

Highlights and insights of week two:

1) Turns out I quite like the finer threads in warp #2. I usually avoid them since they're slightly less instant gratification, but they didn't take that much longer to get onto the loom or weave up, so I shall avoid them no longer! I am looking forward to big meaty threads or a nice wide set for upcoming warps, though.

2) Scheduling was more of an issue for me in week 2. I got more stuff done, yes, but I also felt more pressure. Not sure why that was. Maybe 'cause I put on three warps this week. Maybe 'cause I had a few things go wrong, like Stella dying and the chimney leaking again. Maybe 'cause I was leaving the scarfas until later in the day so I found myself blogging about them late at night.

3) It feels GRATE to be using up old warps but I'm getting anxious to wind something brand spakin' new. I've an idea in mind for some really neat vintage scarves or shawls I've been wanting to do for years now, plus I picked out those other pretty, springy colours on Friday but wound up not using them. Will probably do one or the other of those things next.

Here are the Warp #2 scarves (the warp #3 shawl isn't wet finished yet, and warp #4 is still on the loom):

I can't decide which I like better, scarf #5 or scarf #7. I still love the chocolate, of course, but the bright colours of the others are really speaking to me today. Perhaps that's because it's a cold overcast day and I need that little punch of colour.1

Since these scarves are so much lighter and more drapey than the last warp it was harder to give them much personality while taking their pics (out on the deck in a lightly falling snow - brrrr!). I tried swooshing the yellow scarf around in the way I would wear it and quite liked that result, so a few extra pics of that one snuck into the slideshow this week. Scarflette #7.5 is the stubby from the end of the warp, in a nearly-the-same-but-just-slightly different shade of yellow from scarf #7.

FYI: Last week's slideshow was really really slow to load so I cut back on the resolution this week and made it not autoplay. That means you'll have to click on the big ol' > button to get it to go. I don't know if it'll will help with load times or not - let me know if you notice a difference!

Now back to Week Three!

1. I'm sure it couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that I just finished a cup of cocoa and a bowl of ice cream with chocolate bits in and am feeling slightly OD'd on chocolate at the mo'...

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