Monday, February 23, 2009

The calm after the storm [Scarf 16]

Hello and welcome to week four of Scarfaday! Week FOUR! Can you believe it? I can't! I'm definitely not ready for this whole business to be over so I'm working on revised ground rules that'll let me keep going but still restore some balance to my weaving diet. Details will be forthcoming.

We got up really early this morning and drove through rain and sleet and snow for an appointment with a specialist that we've been waiting almost a year to see. Add that to still being a bit worn out from the excitement over the weekend and today turned out to be a really lazy day once I got home. I started my scarfa around noon and got the first 40" done but then I ate a bunch of blogs for lunch and snacked on a really good book all afternoon. By the time Ron came home from work I was almost done with the book, almost done with the scarf, and almost late for my make-up yoga class. Happily, almost was plenty in all cases: I went to yoga, came home and finished the scarfa and will shortly trundle upstairs and finish my book before collapsing in bed. A good day well spent!

The scarf part of my scarfa day went like this:

12:20 pm: Start weaving scarf #16, using the anticipated yellow weft. Incidentally, this warp is 8/8 and the yellow weft in question is a 4/8, both unmercerized cottons. They'll make a really soft, cozy fabric for chilly spring days - just the ticket for the unsuspecting cruise visitors that will arrive in May dressed for Florida weather and feeling like someone has played a very cruel trick on them indeed. ;)

12:24 pm: I stopped to hemstitch the first end...

... and got totally distracted by blogs and stuff when going upstairs to get Bella (the camera) and Lulu (the laptop) to take pics and listen to WeaveCast while weaving.

2:11 pm: Got a phone call from a friend so took the phone downstairs and wove while chatting. Gives one a crick in the neck from clutching the phone on your shoulder, but does get you back the loom and away from the tasty bloggy goodness on the computer! By this time I'd been back at the loom long enough to get the first 40" done...

...but then I wandered back upstairs to get Lulu (still hadn't managed to get her downstairs) and got distracted by Nation, the new book by Terry Pratchett that Ron got me for Christmas that I just started reading last night. I picked it up on page 55 around 2:30 and by the time Ron got home at 5:30 I was near the end - of the book, if not the scarf!

Then there was the aforementioned yoga class, followed by a lovely date with Ron at Tim Horton's, and then finally I got back home and down to the loom. AND I got to listen to the WeaveCast episode finally.

10:25 pm: Scarfadone!

Looks like there's one more scarf on this warp and I'm thinking I might try more of that lovely rayon slub tomorrow. Will also review week three and the last couple of warps. Guess that means I ought to wet finish them, eh wot? I've been awfully lax in that department.

Tomorrow's a busy day - I'll see you then!

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