Monday, February 9, 2009

Week #1 in Review

Woosh, there went Week One of Scarf a Day! So what did I learn?

1) I LOVE doing this! I'd like to keep doing it for longer than just February.

2) Scarf a Day is motivating! Especially getting comments and email and other kinds of feedback. Thank you so much, everyone who's responded in some way! Thank you as well, folks who just stop by and look and prefer not to comment. Just knowing that folks will be looking and expecting me to have something done helps me to get something done.

3) It is pretty easy to weave a scarf each day. Getting other stuff done is the trick.

Given #1 and #2, I'm seriously thinking of extending S/D beyond the end of February. Given #3 and the fact that I really need to use Joey for other production too, I'll have to adjust the ground rules somewhat if I do. I'm considering various possibilities but will just keep on keepin' on for the time being - I might feel totally different by Feb 28 and never want to see a scarf again.

I had hoped to post after pics of the scarves from Warp #1 last week but the light was not my friend. It wasn't very chummy today either but I did my best. Here they are:

In a slideshow, no less! Are you impressed? I'm impressed!

I think Scarf #4.5 (the shorty at the end of the warp that I didn't count as a scarfaday) is my favourite. I like it because the colour I used for the weft is also in the warp, which really emphasizes the stripes well. This surprised me, 'cause for a long time I've intentionally avoided using a warp colour for weft. Always good to realize when the little rules we invent for ourselves are working against us rather than for us, eh wot?

Week Two, here I come!


Life Looms Large said...

Scarf #4 is a beauty!!! I love how the colors and texture go together!

And your slide show is a work of art!


Knittycat said...

Love the colours :) You have a good eye for colour.