Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bye bye Peony (for a little while) [Scarf 17]

There it is, that lovely shiny rayon slub again - so pretty! I particularly like the thick-and-thinness of it. Gives a bit of texture to the fabric even though it comes out soooo silky smooth. I know this for a fact since I finally got warp #4 wet finished today. Unfortunately I ran out of time to get all the scarves properly pressed and photographed, so the warp in review will have to wait another day, or two, or three...

I'm sorry that this Peony warp is done already - I still really love these colours. So fresh and springy! I think I'll repeat them again sometime fairly soon but with regular stripes instead so I can compare the results (at least, that's my excuse - mostly I just want to keep weaving this palette!). Even so, at this point I'm thinking my next warp will be more neutrals, perhaps a bit darker. Guy Colours - at least according to my guy, who no one could possibly accuse of being flamboyant where wardrobe is concerned. I was noticing how well the scarf he was wearing this evening matched his sweater and winter coat; I think I might do those colours again, even though I've done them twice already. That feels a bit cheaty but I haven't done them for Scarfaday yet so it's not breaking the rules!

Scarf #17's scarfa day went like this:

2:00ish pm: Start weaving with the little bit of rayon still left over on a pirn from scarf #11. This only gave me about 6" and then I realized I'd better get a move on with wet finishing warp #4. I tossed that into the washer, wound up another bobbin and got back to the loom... at least for a little while.

2:48 pm: Taking another break for wet finishing, snackies with Ron (who was home from work today) and The Petting of the Cats. Looks like I've got maybe 15" done?

I finished up the scarf in pretty short order after my little break, but then spent a while with warp #4, pressing the first couple of scarves and such like. Still didn't get them separated in time to capture the good natural light (what there was of it today - another snowy day here in the Great White North) so no pics yet, ho hum.

And then there was a mad dash into town to disrobe DesBarres, during which we nearly froze our fingers off, and a stop to drop off a friend's new knitting project that had somehow come home with me from the knit-a-thon by mistake, and an invite to a late dinner with said friend - how could we say no? We didn't even try, no sirree, so here I am bloggin' this scarfa quick quick quick so we can turn around and go back out and meet up with them after work. Mmmm, tasty!

Got home around 7:45 and I zipped downstairs to take my end-of-scarf shots:

And also my end-of-warp shots:

Pretty, light pastels. They look a bit like sherbet. They look much too springy and sherbet sounds much too cold for a snowy day like today, but they'll be perfect in a couple of months!

And now: yam fries, here I come!

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Life Looms Large said...

You have done great this month!! I was so skeptical at the start of February (being such a slow weaver myself), and I'm just amazed at the number of scarves you've been making!