Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Red Hot Pokers [Scarf 18]

Oh man, I've done it again! Got the scarfa done nice and early and moseyed upstairs for dindin and a bit of the ol' boob tube, and here it is 11:00 pee em and I haven't blogged it yet. And I had so much to say today, too! How 'bout this: I'll give you the cliff notes version now, a preview of coming attractions, sorta thing. Then tomorrow I'll fill in the details. Maybe here, maybe on HFD 'cause most if it's pretty OT.1

Here's what I fit into my day today: Time Out registration for beginning sewing classes, another coffee bombing plus my first (but hopefully not last) virtual coffee bombing (tho' the bombee doesn't know it yet), knitting a couple of samples for an exchange with my spinning group, weaving my scarfa like mad in the afternoon 'cause Wednesday is TV bonanza night chez moi (Mmmm, Life on Mars! Mmmm, Life!), and then the bonanza itself.

As for the scarfa part, it went like this:

3:00 or so: Realized I'd better wind a warp PDQ and get 'er on the loom, so I wandered into the yarn room and perused the shelves for something Guyish. I wound up (ha!) with a black, a brown with a definite greenish tint, a rust, a gold and an ivory. Ron says yes, they're good guy colours. Huzzah!

4:58 pm: Got the loom dressed and ready to go:

I decided to go with the regular, balanced stripe this time and at first was kinda sorry. It looks SO stripey with SO much contrast!

Still, variety is the spice of life and all that, so I kept on keeping on to see what happened. I rummaged a bit further and came up with about half a dozen possible wefts, one of which was a burnt orange that I was sorely tempted by. In the end, though, I went with a brick red to tone down the brighter gold and rust in the warp a bit - still tryin' for something that Ron might conceivably wear. Not sure how well I succeeded in that respect, but I'm quite happy with the result anyway. :) And tomorrow I can try my burnt orange content in the knowledge that I stuck to the plan today.

Not that sticking to the plan is always desirable, no sirree. I'm not much of a planner really and like to make spur of the moment decisions about stuff. Still, every once in a while it's nice to stretch the ol' plan making muscles and then ever so satisfying when I stick to whatever plan I've come up with and it works out okay. :)

Anyhoo, this was the result, at a little while after 6:00:

I have to say, weaving this scarf was a bit surreal. For one thing, my eyes really didn't want to focus on the fabric while I was weaving. I kept zenning out and then realizing that, not only had my mind disengaged from the work at hand (literally), so had my eyes. I don't know if that was due to my frame of mind or some kind of colour interaction but it was Rather Funky. For another thing, I had the best weaving zen while weaving this one that I've had for a long time - had lots of ideas, inspiration for new projects and experiments... felt really great. My internal dialogue was going at such a constant rate that I didn't even notice for almost an hour that I wasn't listening to WeaveCast - today it would have been a distraction from mind games well played. All in all, a very good day! All days should start out with coffee bombing!

I'm not sure what to call this palette. Things like "forge", "lava", "flame", "volcano" and "Hephaestus" all occurred to me but the thing that kept bubbling up over and over was "red hot poker". Somehow that doesn't sound like a very catchy palette colour, though. ;) Will have to think on it further. Any suggestions?

See you tomorrow, possibly with ensuite burnt oranges!

1. OT = Off Topic, for those of you who don't speak internet. (Hi, Ma!)

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Sue said...

This scarf is stunning! I love it! OXOXO (your web-illiterate) Mom