Thursday, February 5, 2009

A scary fad [Scarf 4]

As I mentioned on HFD, I discovered a very cool anagram engine earlier today and spent way too much time playing with it. Turns out that "a scary fad" is an anagram of "scarf a day". Should I be worried? Scared, even?

I finished scarf #4 early 'cause I've got a yoga class tonight. I ♥ my yoga class so didn't want to spend it fretting about finishing or feeling like I had to rush home to the loom. I guess this scarfa thing is helping me improve my time management skills as hoped!

I wanted to shake things up a bit by using a different colour this time but even though I tried a bunch of different colours none of them really sang to me... until I found half a spool of heavy cotton chenille in the colour 'ciel' hidden behind some burnt oranges and golds. It's still very much in the same blue-green family as the colour I used for scarves #1 and #3 but again, if it ain't broke... at least this one will have a different texture from the other two!

My scarfa day went like this:

12:30ish pm: Try various colours to see what jives with the warp. I did try to use something other than blue, really I did! Sadly, none of these worked (okay, so the brown probably would have but I want to save that for the next warp).

2:28 pm: Settled on 'ciel' for scarf #4:

3:26 pm: Scarf #4 under way...

4:04 pm: Scarf #4 done!

I think I'll use green for whatever's left on the warp - I've got the same colour that's in the warp in a lighter weight so will use that if nothing else works. Unfortunately, most of the greens I've got lean toward yellow and look pretty awful with the blue tints in this warp. Then again, I still have hope for a light peach colour even though the brighter one at the back of the first pic above didn't look so hot.

I'm pretty sure there isn't enough left on the back beam to give me another full sized scarf, but there probably is enough for a short one - ought to be able to squeak out 50" or so. Is that enough for a child's scarf? Do I want to weave a child's scarf? Maybe I'll weave it off as very narrow yardage for something else and get a new warp on right quick for tomorrow.

I realized today that I'd really better make sure I have enough weft for every scarf warp I wind and, unless I want to raid my personal yarn stash rather than the business inventory, my supply of weft is running low. I'd better either make sure to wind warps that go with the weft I've got around or order some weft toot sweet.

See you tomorrow, all yogified, zenlike and serene (one hopes).


Sue said...

This one is pretty, too. I guess I'm liking the second warp a lot. Hope yoga was relaxing as well as invigorating! OXOXO Mom

Janet said...

This wasn't actually a second warp, just the first warp rethreaded with a regular colour order rather than random.

Yoga, sadly, was ... not there. I don't know if it was canceled ahead of time or what but only I and one other woman showed up. Ron and I wound up renting a movie instead had a relaxing and not at all invigorating evening in front of the tube. Fun timez!