Friday, February 13, 2009

Out with the new, in with the new [Scarf 10]

Zounds! Look at the time! Okay, real quickie update on Scarf #10:

I actually went downstairs very first thing and wove almost 60", using a nice light blue colour. There was a lot of contrast between the white and dark blue stripes in the last scarf so I wanted to try a shade somewhere in between the two. I also wanted to try an 8/8 weft on the 4/8 warp since I've been so happy with the reverse. I'll be really anxious to see how the fabric feels once it's wet finished. There's actually a bit more of a story there involving an 8/8 that turned into a 6/8 when one of its plies disappeared, but I don't have time for it right now. Remind me sometime if you're interested. ;)

So I got my 60" done and then did all kinds of things during the day, including but not limited to: climbing up ladders to the snow covered roof to see if there was anything I could do with the flashing that seems to be at the root of our frequent leaks in rainy weather, the Fiber Friday gig at the library, a stop at the far end of town to pick up some of the door prizes for the knitathon, and a mad dash out to the maul to exchange Stella for my second spanky new camera in less than two weeks.

Then, after various other errands, I got home mid evening, and finished up scarfa #10:

There it is, the first scarfa picture taken by Stella's twin sister Bella. I think she did a lovely job, don't you? Hopefully she'll continue to perform for more than 10 days! Not that Stella can really be blamed for her problems, as it turns out: I learned this morning that while she was working as a display model in the store, one of her batteries leaked inside her battery case. "Exploded" was the word used, in fact. So I guess it's no surprise that the poor thing had some Issues.1

And that' s the end of week two! Can you believe Scarfaday is half over already? I sure can't... in fact, I'm pretty sure it's not...

See you Monday!

1. Incidentally, returning her to the store was a breeze - no questions asked (even when she turned on immediately and acted like nothing had ever been wrong, the little stinker), they just handed me a brand new camera body straight out of the box -- AND I got a $10 refund (plus tax!) 'cause there was a sign on the display case with a lower price than I'd paid and, in fact, lower than she was actually supposed to cost. No questions asked about that either. Excellent customer service, that. Me = happy customer.


Jade said...
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Jade said...

Good to hear you were treated well over at that "other" store, haha. If I had known about the battery explosion with Stella, I would have gotten one from the other store for ya in the first place. :P

And this scarfa is really awesome! I like it da best so far. :)