Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Er....whoops? [Scarf 13]

Okay, true confession time: I was so excited about finishing this warp and getting to put on the next one AND so distracted by listening to Episode 1.5 of WeaveCast that I totally forgot to take pics of Scarf #13 when it was done. Ahem! So much for lucky 13, eh wot? Fortunately I took a picture just inches from the end. I tried to fake an on the loom close up, but it's not very good so I may as well admit my transgression and have done. :)

I got up ridiculously early this morning and was all fired up to work on today's scarfa - a nice feeling after yesterday's lazing about. I didn't sit down to weave right away, though: instead I wound the first new scarf warp I've wound since November. This using up old warps and pirns has been great, don't get me wrong, but I'm really itching to do something that hasn't got baggage attached. Good news is, I lurve this new warp!

Still, I needed to weave the current warp off first. I wanted to do two things with what turned out to be the last scarf on it: 1) I wanted to use chenille again, since I was so pleased with yesterday's scarf; and 2) I wanted to use a tan or beige or taupe weft - something to bring out the flax coloured warp threads that I felt were getting lost in the others. Happily, I have some tan chenille that was just the ticket.

I was a bit angsty about running out of warp too soon but I managed to get a little more than 62" woven, so I'm content with calling this today's scarfa. It's long enough for many women and most men and the colours ought to appeal to both. Having said that, I'm still tempted to deem this one too short and plow on ahead to the new warp Right Now - I'm really looking forward to it! Still, I'd better be a good girl and work on the blankets I'm putting on Mabes, at least for a while. If I make good progress there and have free time later, I might start dressing Joey with the new one.

My scarfa morning went like this:

6:15 am: Get up. Yeaargh! Who actually chooses to get up this early!? How can that person be me? Some days I just don't recognize myself...

8:20 am: Mull over various options for a new scarf warp. Decide to go with the colours I picked last Thursday, which are actually colours I ordered for another purpose last spring. More on this tomorrow.

8:45 am: Warp's wound! Isn't it purty? Doesn't it just scream spring? Who could use a bit of spring right now? I could!

I'm including this picture so you can see some of the stacks of yarn in the library that I alluded to in my stash post on HFD. The only reason I don't feel more guilty about the amount of yarn that lives in the library is the amount of books that live in the library - the bookshelves are overflowing every bit as much as the yarnshelves are in the yarn room. And, like the yarn, most of the books will never be read.

After winding Warp #5 I took a break for such basic and necessary things as breakfast and smoochin' my sweetie goodbye as he left for work. Then it was back to the loom and Warp #4!

This time I got clever and downloaded the next episode of WeaveCast (am slowly working my way through the archives) to listen to while I wove, which made the weaving go soooo much faster. It was just exactly like Judith MacKenzie McCuin said to Syne in the interview: you start weaving and time fades away. When you stop, it's a different time - and, in this case, my scarf was done! It was done and I was done and so SNIP went the scissors.... and then I realized I hadn't taken a picture.

Well, it was almost like that. In actual fact, I stopped at

11:06 am: [to] Get angsty and twittery and photo-opy about rapidly running out warp. Would there be enough to count this scarf as a Scarfaday Scarf(tm)? Or would I get to cut this warp off and put on my pretty new springy warp?

11:28 am: Relief! Or disppointment - I'm still not sure. In either case, all done with warp #4.

And here is your faux on-loom close-up, taken on the weaving bench if not technically the loom:

See you ....later? with warp #5! (Will it be later today? Tomorrow? Who can say?)


Life Looms Large said...

I love the picture of all the scarves on the bench!!


Janet said...

Yeah, I did too - all lined up in their little puddles together.

Don't know if you can tell, but they're still technically on the loom: the yellow one is still tied to the front rod. Does that count as an on-loom finishing shot?