Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Goodbye Murphy, hullo Stella [Scarf 2]

Out with the old and in with the new... camera! Hopefully Stella will be more adept with colours and depth of field and white balance and all that good stuff (which is to say hopefully I'll be better at figuring out Stella's manual and semi-manual settings than I was ol' Murphy's). If I can just figure out how to balance the white manually and leave everything else on automagic, I'll be twirlin' like a giddy little girl.

Anyhoo! Scarves! I started Scarf #2 this morning but I took a long break midday to go into town for a lunch meeting at the Bean Bank re: this year's knit-a-thon, drop off some flyers and pick up Stella. Made a few more stops in the messy, messy snow on the way home and then some dindin, and then it was back to der loom. No WIP pics today at all, I'm afraid - will no doubt make up for that on the next few now that I have a spanky new toy to play with. (Yes, Stella, I am objectifying you.)

My second scarfa day went like this:

11:00ish: Debated cutting off scarf #1 in order to rethread but decided to stick with the same threading for #2. Really wanted to use a purply colour, preferably a bluish lavender, for the next one. Hauled a bunch of yarns of that general persuasion out of the yarn room to try them on for size.

11:31 am: After trying a few different yarns, I finally settled on a cotton/rayon knitting yarn that I've been saving for ages - wasn't sure what for, but today I found out! I really love this yarn: it's a six ply, with three plies of cotton and three of rayon, so it's got a lovely matte and shimmery thing going on. This is the last picture taken with Murphy1 you're ever likely to see!

8:50 pm: All done! Whoops, no interim shots at all today. From start to finish, like MAGIC.

8:59 pm: Playing with Stella and depth of field. Fun times!

I think I'll cut off these two scarves tomorrow and rethread for the next ones - looks like there's warp for at least one more, maybe two (really should have paid more attention while winding on). I foresee stripes in scarf #3.

See you tomorrow!

1. I had no idea his name was Murphy until yesterday's post. I'm glad to have learned Stella's so early on.

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Sue said...

So -- is Stella close enough to Murphy that you can still tell me how to use Murphy on Vashon? Know you'll enjoy having a newer, snazzier version. OXOXO Mom