Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If it ain't broke... [Scarf 3]

As predicted, I cut off the first two scarves and rethreaded for the next couple today. The first two were done with the warp colours in random order; today's has a regular colour order in the warp instead.

Scarfa day #3:

11:22 am: Cut off first two scarves and prepared to rethread the loom but got distracted by playing with Stella...

12:53 pm: ...finally got Joey rethreaded after a few distractions and then a lovely chit chat with dear ol' Mum. Had very cleverly forgotten to put lease sticks in behind the heddles before cutting off, so had to rethread from the heddles. Note to future self: do not try this while onna phone!

1:07 pm: Resleyed, retied on. Time for knit-a-thon deliveries and an outing on Ron's afternoon off before actual weaving commences. Why is the colour so awful in this picture? Must've used the wrong setting...

5:28 pm: Bobbin's wound. Isn't it the prettiest colour ever? AND Stella and I got to play with depth of field! Pretty shuttle, too, I must say - I do love my Bluster Bays! Incidentally, for anyone who's keeping track, I used a 1-2-5-6-3 tension for this scarf. I think I probably used the same for scarf #1 as well but probably changed it up for #2 because of the heavier weft.

7:09 pm: Scarf #3 done!

You may be thinking, "Hey, that looks awfully similar to scarf #1!" and you'd be right. I used the same weft1, but the scarf looks quite different with the warp colours threaded as they are now. Should be interesting to see the two scarves side by side once they're washed and in good light. For the moment, here's a side by side of the two - if Stella's doing her job right, you should be able to make out the differences in the warp colour order. I can but then I know what I'm looking for.

See you tomorrow!

1. ...don't fix it!


Sue said...

I really like #3. Yummy colors, too. OXOXO Mom

Sue said...

Dressing the loom while on the phone! You are talented!!! (I have to fully concentrate still....pretty new weaver that I am!)

Beautiful scarves!!


Janet said...

I must confess to threading while talking on the phone fairly often - but usually only when threading a very simple pattern and while talking to Mom or someone else who understands when I say things like, "Sorry, hang on, just got to... 1, 2, 1, 2, 4, 3, 4...oops, where'd that g... ah, okay... right, what were you saying?"

I talk on the phone while winding warps sometimes, too, and often while weaving - at least on Mabel (Joey's too noisy with his metal shafts and heddles). Got myself a hands free phone to make that easier but it interferes with the wireless network so Ron is not a huge fan. ;) Talking while hemstitching is also a fave - anything to distract myself from that, of which I am not a big fan.