Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Rules of Engagement

I've been eyeing my pile of previously wound warps, which includes three our four scarf and shawl warps, and have decided to start with this one - unless I have an urge to wind a brand new one in the morning, that is. I wound it when I was weaving tons of scarves for a market last Christmas season but never got to it. It is nice thick threads so a fairly painless way to start, and I lurve the colours a Whole Lot (sadly, my camera has not treated them kindly).

And now for the Scarf a Day ground rules! I'm going to stick with the ones that I outlined on HFD:

1) I'll just do the month of February and then take stock.

2) I'll only commit to weekdays, though if I weave a scarf on the weekends I'll post pics of those, too.

3) I'll try to put a new warp on at least every other day but since the warps will often be three or four scarves long it might take three or four days to weave them off - I'll still be weaving orders and production for the shop on the other loom, after all.

4) Every scarf will be unique, though it might be very similar to others on the same warp.

5) The scarves have to be cut off the loom complete by the end of the day but not necessarily wet finished.

6) Family trumps scarves! I might wind up missing a few days if something big comes up.

In light of #2, it's ironic that February starts on a Sunday this year. Ho hum. Still, gave me another day to get a few more samples done so I don't have to feel too guilty about cutting off the old warp in order to start with yummy scarf madness tomorrow morning!

See you tomorrow, with scarf #1 done!

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