Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hello, Murphy, my old friend... (again) [Scarf 9]

Got a late start on the scarfa today 'cause I liked my tough coffee-love intervention so much yesterday I decided to spread the love and spring one on a friend today. Then there was a lunch date, errands in town, a bunch of time that needed wasting online, you know how it goes.

Finally got home and ready to work around 4:00ish and then had to decide whether to keep going with the old warps or wind something new. I wandered into the yarn room and picked out some new colours... and then decided to put on an old warp in the end anyway. :P It's a relatively long one (12 yards) so we'll be seeing lots of it over the next few days.

Although I was winding on without help this time (Ron is a maestro with rolls of paper and that crank!) it went on smoothly, with one short photo-op and back relief break but no hitches of any kind. Threading: easy. Sleying: easy: Winding bobbin, starting to weave, hemstitching at the front end: all easy. Taking a picture of scarf underway: not easy. Impossible, in fact, since Stella has evidently gone on strike.

Yes, that's right. My brand new camera, the one I got to replace Murphy, will not turn on. Not unless you press various buttons in some mysterious sequence that I haven't figured out and then hold down her On button for about 20 seconds. Ron has managed to turn her on a couple of times (hur hur hur) but even then she cannot see the camera card. Poor, poor Stella - I think she's going back to the store.

Still, as I said in the beginning, you don't need a camera to weave a scarf. Weaving continued apace, with only brief stops to sop up yet another flood (we really must get the chimney guys round to have a look) and confer with a friend regarding our Top Secret Plans for the upcoming knitathon.

Warp this time is all 4/8 cotton - half way between the fine stuff of warp 2 and the heavy stuff of warp 1. This is the first time I've used the regular stripes in the 4/8 weight; will be curious to see how it washes up. Weft is still 4/8 cotton and I went with yellow again, continuing the sunny theme from Tuesday and also the warp-colour-as-weft experimentation.

Scarfa day #9 went like this:

4:00ish: Waffle about warps, pick colours for a new one, decide to use an old one instead.

4:35 pm: New scarf going onto the loom. Note: this may be the last picture Stella ever takes. Oh, the irony!

8:00 pm: Hey presto! Finished scarf, shown here in good ol' Murphy's signature style of purple haze and blur. This one measures 71" under tension.

See you tomorrow!

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