Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yep, definitely better [Scarf 26 & 27]

Hmm, I kinda forgot to conclude yesterday's post. I blame the hour - was pretty foggy by four aye em, letmetellyou. The point was that taking so many pictures and videos made dressing the loom take aaaaaages longer than usual, so I ran out of time to weave a scarf yesterday. (We just won't mention that Wednesday is also the night that three of my fave t.v. shows air and I couldn't tear myself away from the boob tube for three hours straight.)

However, to make up for slacking off yesterday, today I wove scarf #26 AND scarf #27. :) How's that for due diligence? I considered weaving my make-up scarf on Friday but I didn't want to distract from Beth's beeeeooootiful guest scarves tomorrow, so (after sleeping until noon - wooph!) I knuckled down and got two done today. :)

Here's the first scarf, done in a really lovely shade of dark teal. I'm nearly out of this colour and will definitely be ordering it again - I've loved it in everything I've used it in. It's quite a bit darker than the teal that's in the warp but still blends well with it. I always like using a fairly dark weft on a really brightly striped warp - the dark colour always makes the bright shades *pop*.

For the second scarf I used the same colour I used in scarf #22. It's another shade from the original quilt that I based this colour scheme on, so it's no surprise that this scarf turned out really well, too.

These were both done in the same 4/8 unmercerized cotton I've been using so much lately. I think I'll use something different for the next one just to change things up a bit. Oh, and parenthetically: I beat these two quite loosely - around 7 PPI UT. I didn't set out to do that, it just seemed to come about even though I was beating as I normally do. The difference must be the extra inch of width in the warp - surprising how such a little change in width affects your beat, huh?

Coming up tomorrow: a pair of stunning scarves woven by Beth Mullins that you don't want to miss!


ASpinnerWeaver said...

Great bright colors! Can't decide which weft color I like best.

karin roepel said...

Where do you get your wonderful yarn, I have not seen any 8/4 that soft (I am kind of isolated to internet ordering here is OK) I am off to a Huck Lace workshop in OKC with Lynn Tedder one of the technical editors for Handwoven this weekend. What a great time weaving weaving and more weaving with freinds doing the same!