Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oooph, busy day! [Scarf 22]

Had tons and tons to do today and then jammed a dinner date with a friend from out of town into the middle of it, but managed to get everything I absolutely had to do done, including today's scarfa!

This is Warp #7, which I wound last week but never got around to putting on the loom. Today, with Ron's help, it went on lickety-split - good thing, considerin'. The warp is 8/8 cotton again, in blue-ish pinks and burgundies and yellow oranges. It's interesting 'cause it's got both the analogous colour scheme thing going on (reds and oranges) but also some complimentary colour action (the blue tones of the reds and the oranges). My latest yarn order arrived today and I used some of the brand spankin' new stuff for weft. I wove today's scarf... huh. I didn't actually measure it, come to think of it. A bit more than 70", I do believe.

Edit: I went back and measured this scarf later, and it was 69" under tension. Incidentally, I also tried beating this one lighter than I have been: about 8 PPI rather than 9.

And here it is, Scarfa #22:

Scarf #22 under way - about 16" in, looks like

Scarf #22 under way, close up

All done! Shown with spool of yarn used for weft

I never get tired of these shots that show three layers on the loom.


karin roepel said...

Absolutely love your choices for colors and pattern. I just found your blog today. I am looking forward to keeping up with you.

Karin R.

Janet said...

Thanks, Karin! Glad to have you aboard. :)

Life Looms Large said...

Love the colors! You've got a great eye!