Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am lame in oh, so many ways today:

1) I changed the comment form placement from full page to embedded on Monday, thinking that would make it easier for new folks to comment on Monday's post and so enter my contest. Little did I realize that there's some kind of Blogger bug that screws up anonymous posting when the comment form is - you guessed it! - embedded. I've put it back to full page now; if you tried to comment on Monday's post but your comment was denied or your request could not be processed, please try again! I'm sorry for the frustration this caused at least a few people who really wanted to enter the contest. Thank you thank you for your patience and continued efforts to post. I think it's all sorted now.

2) I put the wrong email address in my guest scarfer sidebar. D'oh! I changed it from one address to another when I first added the gadget, but only changed the domain and not the user name. I tell ya, it's hard to keep track of all my online personas!

3) I am bailing on today's scarfa because I am literally lame: I've done something untoward to my back. :( I think it was bending over a low table during my sewing class this morning to cut out my pattern pieces, or I may have overdone things at yoga on Monday... I dunno what I did, but today was not a day for sitting at der loom!

I did wind my next warp, though, inspired by the beeeoootiful colours in Jackie's silk noil scarves. I'd been planning on doing something entirely different in blues and greens but when I saw Jackie's scarves I was reminded how much I'm loving pink and orange together lately. I also felt like doing a more analogous colour scheme. Bella always seems to pump up the gold a bit; guess she likes the bling! You'll have to trust me that those colours really do blend together pretty well - the gold is actually more orangey than it looks.

So - no warp review today and no new scarfa. Here are a couple pics of coming attractions, but for real scarfy goodness, go have a look at Jackie's lovelies. :)

See you tomorrow!


Laura said...

Hi Janet,

Really sorry to hear you've done yourself an injury. :((((

You might need a long soak in a hot tub, or a massage. :) I'd offer, but the commute is a killer. :^)



jackie said...

Your colours are lovely! I do a fair amount of blues and greens (because that is what people buy) but every now and then, I have to go BRIGHT!

I hope that your back feels better soon!

Janet said...

Thanks for the well wishes, guys. :)

The back was much better after a couple days of sleeping on a heating pad and I was really careful not to lean over too much during my sewing class today so hopefully there won't be a repeat performance!