Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last minute im-pulse [Scarf 23]

These are the colours I considered for today's scarfa. Well, not that one on the far right - that's the weft in yesterday's scarfa, which is the woven bit in this pic. As you can see, yellow is still figuring strongly in my local colourscape, but in the end I went with the light pink on the left. I'm really happy I did, too; I might go with a yellow or gold or orange tomorrow but today I'm really loving that pink. It was a last minute addition to my most recent order and I sure am glad it snuck in there. I really must indulge these last minute impulses...

Okay, that clinches it. I've been trying to think of a good name for this colour palette and the thing that keeps coming to mind is "Pulse" 'cause, you know, all the reds and pinks and a bit of zip from the orange to get your heartbeat going... and now there's the impulse angle, too. Not only today's colour choice or the last minute order, but even the way I chucked my original blues/greens/browns plan and went with these hot pinks and oranges on the spur of the moment. Guess this one's going to be Pulse for sure. (I'd go with "Impulse" but somehow that sounds more like a perfume or an Axe body spray...)

By the way, I wove today's scarfa even looser than yesterday's, which itself was woven more loosely than the ones on the warp before it. Lately I've been aiming for about 9 PPI but I wove yesterday's scarf at 8 PPI (under tension) and today's at only 7. I did this because the last warp I wet finished woven on the 8/8 cotton was a bit firmer than the earlier ones and I want to determine whether that was because of a change in my beat or because of a change in the wet finishing method I've been using. I'll report on what I learn once I learn it!

Here are the pics from Scarfa #23:

My final colour choice. On the pirn, that is. The cloth here is still yesterday's scarfa #22.

Under way! I hemstitched this one (and scarfa #22) a little differently than earlier scarves, too - another experiment!

Scarfadone! (There's more of that finer hemstitching.)

Today's scarfa is 79" long UT.

Up close and personal.

Now for a bit of record keeping: I went back through all the old posts and added the Scarfa # to the title and the Warp # to the labels of each one. This ought to make it easier to refer to a particular scarfa or warp - either by hunting through the archives to find a scarf by its number or by using the labels (now cleverly located in the right sidebar below the blog archive) to go to a page containing all the scarves from and the review of each warp.

And also: I've been in touch with Beth of Comment #3 - the lucky (I hope she agrees!) winner of the scarf kit contest. I'm still super excited about this whole business and she must be too, 'cause she not only agreed to gift me with a guest scarfa post for next week, she's already sent it along with some beeeeooootiful pics. I fear my scarfa kit is going to be fairly tame next to the scarves she's already got on the go!

Speaking of wild weaving (as in wild animal - nudge nudge!), wait until you see Margaret's guest scarves this week - in two day's time, no less! They are really, really fab and totally unlike anything I've ever woven and I'm super anxious to try one myself. This is all I'm going to say right now - come back Friday and see for yourself what I'm all a flutter (wink wink!) about.

Oh, and one more exciting bit of news: I have officially sold my first Scarfaday Scarfa! I took the whole lot of them to our guild meeting last night and one of the other weavers1 fell in love with Scarfa #15 and decided to take it home. Scarf #15, you may recall, was the one that Ron picked the weft colour for, even though he apparently has no memory of this. ;) See why I love him so? He does the work, I get the glory!

At any rate, now that my first Scarfa has sold, I feel I ought to keep a tally of scarves sold and dollars earned toward Studio 649. Might stick that over on the sidebar, too: One scarf down, 1665 to go! Good job my theme for the moment is "Little By Little", eh wot? :)

1. Also one of my weaving students and one of my very best customers. She and her relatives must have half a dozen of my scarves and runners by now. :D Hi, Sandra! Thanks again!


Laura said...

Gotta listen to those little voices that whisper sweet somethings in our hearts. :)



Peg in South Carolina said...

I was wondering what happened to the scarf-a-day thing!! I had forgotten you started a blog for it and since I read blogs in a reader, I don't see your side links. I'm glad I visited! I am now subscribed to this one as well.

Janet said...

Welcome, Peg! As you can see, Scarfaday is still going strong, albeit with a slightly different format than Month One.

It never occurred to me that the sidebars don't show up in the reader. Good to know - I'll be sure to mention any important new additions to the sidebar in the text of my posts as well so that folks using readers don't miss them. :)