Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Picture's so bright, I gotta wear shades [Scarf 28]

Okay, so the scarf's bright too. Might want to don some shades yourself! Still, that's not what I'm talking about...

As I mentioned a while ago, Lulu's LCD started dying on me few weeks back and it finally got so bad that I stopped using her altogether and switched back to our old Dell desktop. It hurt to do it, but not as much as it hurt to squint at her nearly black screen or listen to her making that terrible dying-flourescent-lightbulb whine. You'll have to take my word on the whine, but you can see the screen for yourself:

See the text on the right side? Yeah, neither could I.

Then last week I bit the bullet and ordered a new screen. After a few days of waiting anxiously, the screen arrived yesterday so I dashed right out to drop it and Lulu off at the doc's, which was a bit of a wrench as it's the first time I've been separated from her overnight. Still, her surgery went really well and she's home now, safe and sound and so bright it's almost painful to look at her. This is The. Best. News. EVAR since, of all the screens on all the computers in the house, Lu's is by far the best. The screen is sharp, the colours are accurate and the picture is bright, at least when it's not dark. It's like having a brand new computer, only she's my old computer so all my stuff is right where I left it. And it cost only under $300 for the screen, expedited shipping and installation, which was a far sight better than replacing a $1700 laptop!

So enough about the computer already. Let's talk scarves! I'm still in the midst of Warp #8, which is the brightly coloured warp inspired by Melody's quilt. Having spent so much time taking pictures of my process for warping F2B, I decided I may as well gild the lily and take pictures of many different ways to create stripes with the warp. Since I did the first two scarves with the colours arranged randomly, today I cut the warp, chose a new colour progression and rethreaded in my usual reflected regular stripe:

I wove the scarf with the same weft I used in Scarf #27. Tomorrow I'll cut the warp, rethread in a different stripe pattern, and use the same weft again. By the end of the warp I should have a collection of scarves that demonstrate a little of the variety you can get when winding more than one colour at a time. :)

Incidentally, this warp is SO bright that I decided to intentionally weave this as a scarflette rather than a full length scarf - a little will definitely go a long way here! Plus, that'll let me yield even more stripe variety since I'll use up less warp in each scarf AND it'll give me a number of scarflettes to try various construction ideas out on. Really looking forward to it. :)

And if it also just happens to mean I can get my scarf blogged before going out for wings with Da Crowd(tm)... well that's just serendipity!

P.S. I have added a new search field to the right sidebar. If you've been wondering where you saw that post about e.g. coffee bombing1, now you can find it again!

P.P.S. I have joined the WeaveRing blog ring, and created a brand new Cape Breton Artisans blog ring; you will also find new links to these in the sidebar. :) I am glad to be in such lovely company but I have to say I am not enamoured of Ringsurf's website, so I also created a new Cape Breton Artisans blog reader as a sort of one stop shopping locale for local artisans' blogs. You should check it out!

1. Holy cow! I forgot all about my virtual coffee bombing! Tomorrow - I'll post about that tomorrow.


Life Looms Large said...

Love the scarf colors!!!

That's weird about your laptop screen - but great that you got it replaced so quickly!!! What did we do before we had computers?

So when you cut and change the stripes around....how do you do that? Am I being dense?

Weave on!


Sue said...

Wow! Bright is right -- but I really like it! It will be very cool to see the variety you get when you thread in different orders. Can you post them side by side -- or put the scarves side by side when you've cut them all off so we can really compare them?


Janet said...

Sue #1: I started to explain how I do this but it got to be too long for a comment. :P I'll take some pics tomorrow and include a description in my post for the day.

Sue #Mom: Glad you like the colours! I'll definitely include a side-by-side comparison of the stripe variations I come up with.