Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kiss me (for 30 seconds), I'm Irish! [Scarf 25]

Hooboy, tonight's gonna have to be a quicky again as I'm feeling extra stressy about the morning and I think the only thing that's going to help is a good night's sleep. Not that there's anything too major happening tomorrow, just a couple of things that snuck up on me that I'm not prepared for: a birthday lunch with a friend who deserves a much nicer present than the batch of cookies she's destined to get, and my sewing class for which I was supposed to sew pockets and inseams that never got done. Whoops!

If I'd been on top of things I would have woven this warp off yesterday so that I could put on that blue, brown and green one for today. Clearly, I am not on top of things. :P And so today, in honour of St. Pat's, I present you with this lovely pink/orange/burgundy/lavender number. Hey, it's no stranger than the game of Valentine's dart-balls we played at my in-laws tonight between the annual St. Patrick's Day dinner and the annual St. Patrick's Day cake (complete with shamrock frosting, OF COURSE). The dartboard was a red and pink plush number with scoring regions that said things like "Massage with Oil," "Kiss for 30 Seconds" and "Heartthrob".1 Good job my four year old niece was too busy throwing the balls to actually stop and read the target, eh wot? I honestly don't know where my in-laws come up with stuff like this! Truly, I hope that when I'm 80 like my MIL, I will spend my family holidays throwing small sticky balls at plush dartboards that read "Kiss with toes and fingertips touching."

St. Pat's purists in the crowd, do not fret: the Irish stew and the shamrock cake were traditional and were served on 40 year old leprechaun placemats AND the whole family was wearing green. (Although, in the case of Ron, the green took the form of enormous plush Cthulhu slippers. MY enormous plush Cthulhu slippers, which I brought for him to wear to make sure he felt properly Irish. You'd be surprised at how many of the items on that page I actually own. Scroll down a ways to find the slippers.)

So anyway, my scarf for the day:

Some might consider using lavender weft on this warp a bit of stretch colourwise but I've used various shades of purple on with oranges and reds before and been really happy with the results. This wasn't quite the same shade of purple, true, but I figured I'd give it a whirl and quite liked the result. :) I wove this one about 65” long and somewhere around 8 PPI, I think. Was in such a rush to get it done before St. Pat's dinner that I didn't stop to keep track!

Speaking of shades of purple, for some reason Bella and Lulu have conspired to make this purple look a lot more blue than it actually is. It's really more... light raisin? than lavender. Hopefully when the scarf is taken upstairs into proper natural light I'll be able to get a shot that shows the true colour.

There were a bunch of other things I meant to talk about today and questions I wanted to ask but now that it's late and I'm fretting over birthday cookies and sewing homework I'll save them for later. That being said, I do want to take a little time right away to give a big thanks to Sue for the Blog Love award, and to Peg for the Kreative Blogger award! Great minds think alike, it seems. I really appreciate the awards, ladies, and will get to work on my lists. :)

And yes, if you're wondering, I am Irish. :) Largely so, anyway, as the blue eyes, freckles and so-fair-it's-nearly-translucent skin demonstrate. Let the smooching commence!

1. Oh, hey, maybe I should name this palette Heartthrob rather than Pulse! Or Massage Oil? 30-second Smooch? Hmmmm...


ClaudiaJane said...

Beautiful job, especially those nice even selvedges. Bravo. Weave on.

Peg in South Carolina said...

The lavender is lovely. I am of the less-than-humble opinion that any color can be used with any color if you do it right. Witness Randall Darwall in weaving and Kaffe Fassett in knitting and quilting.