Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Zombie Weaver Strikes Out [Scarf 43]

Okay, so this is embarassing, but I'm going to play my first get out of jail free card - and it's only Day2! Argh!

I woke up this morni... no, that's not quite right. I GOT up this morning but I never honestly woke up until this evening. I spent the whole day staggering around and staring blearily at the computer, waiting for the waking up to start... but it just never did. Long story short: I took a nap instead of weaving, and then because of Various Technical Issues1 ran out of time.

So here it is, almost 1 aye em, and I figure I can do two of the following three things: finish the scarf, write a blog post, or get a proper night's sleep so that the same thing doesn't happen tomorrow. Ima go with #2 and #3.

Here's how Scarf #43 is shaping up:

It's almost exactly the same palette as the Peony scarves I did last year, except that I really wanted to use some boucles so changed the shade of green and white slightly in order to use what I had on the shelf. I guess I'll call it PeonyII?

This time I'm weaving in it 4/8 cotton instead of in 8/8, and set at 12 EPI rather than 10. I wound 90 ends, so it's 7.5" in the reed. It's hardly drawing in at all, in part due to the lovely new small sized Schacht EFS that my dear ol' Mum gave me for Christmas:

The weft is an 2/8 orlon - I think. It's some mystery yarn that's been on the shelf for Some Time but I'm pretty sure that's what it is even tho' it doesn't feel quite like the other 2/8 orlon I've gotten in recent years. I'm apparently beating it in at 12 PPI, at least in the inch I just measured. ;)

The scarf's about 46" long right now, so well over half way. My plan is to finish it up in the morning, and my hope is to weave another scarf for Day3. We'll see how that turns out tomorrow, now won't we? Hopefully I'll get plenty of rest tonight and won't be so tired tomorrow that even my autopilot is set to Stunned Zombie.

See you then!

Project February

Clayton's Project365 photo of the day for Feb 02 2010.

No other links for today (yet!) but Liz of Lizzie Plays With Clay and Shari of Red Twig Brown Twig have both said they'll participate in Project February in some fashion, too. Really excited to see what you come up with, guys!

1. My tale of woe: First I forgot that this boucle doesn't like to be in a 12 dent reed, so I had to untie the warp & resley in an 8. Then I forgot to put the apron rod over the knee beam, so had to unscrew it from the loom and put it under the cords before reattaching it. Then WIMJ went all pearshaped 'cause for some reason our wireless network delights in kicking Plum off the net when it's running in Vista, so I had to switch to Solaris. Then I had to futz about with webcam cords trailing around all over the place 'cause Plum can't go on the little table next to the loom - too heavy and unsteady. THEN I futzed around with my snazzy new EFS which worked fine but required a bit of getting used to, also some tension adjustments that I was leery to make lest I break the thing like the last one I got.2 Plus there was the lure of Lost upstairs, which I'm really not the slightest bit interested in but it was playing So Blinkin' Loud that I couldn't help but hear and wonder what was going on.

2. It was broken when I opened the package! Really it was! But I'm still anxious about fiddling around with those tension screws. Yikes.


Marg said...

Welcome home Janet.
I also will join your February project. Weekdays only. And time spent at kiln work or finishing project everyday.

Janet said...

@marg: Woot! Very, very cool! Welcome aboard! I look forward to seeing the lovelies emerging from your kiln every day.

Peg said...

Glad to see you're back at it, Janet! I don't have the exact goal of a scarf a day, but I need to weave loads to have enough stock for both the shows I do and my (hopefully increasing) website sales, plus all the gifts I give.

Anyway, here's my 1st link. It's actually a shawl - just my colors in rayon chenille.