Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When Last We Spoke... [Scarf 43 & 44]

... I was in a bad way. A zombie-like way. And if there's one thing that's true about zombies, it's that they're bad for your mental and physical health, especially when you're the zombie in question. Fortunately, if caught early enough this condition can be cured with a full night's sleep, which is what I decided to do rather than stay up and finish yesterday's scarf. I feel quite sheepish about that but I also feel quite rested, so on balance I think I made the right choice.

Last night when I staggered up to bed, Scarf #43 looked like this:

This isn't really a very good picture colourwise, incidentally. I was relying on auto white balance, which failed me miserably. Hopefully the after shots of this scarf will do the colours justice. This picture makes it look really pink but it isn't quite so cotton candy as it looks, honestly.

Anyhoo, I went straight to sleep last night and woke up this morning much refreshed. I trundled back downstairs around 10:30 to finish up #43 and was done by noon o'clock. It seems I forgot to take any "Huzzah, it is finished!" shots but the end of the scarf looked remarkably like the first 45", only with pretty little hemstitching. :)

At that point I took a break to reward myself by finally ordering the EeePC I've been hankering after for so long. Well, okay, I've been hankering after a netbook for so long and just in the last couple of days decided that the netbook in question was the Asus Eee PC 1005PE. I am awfully excited about this little darlin': in addition to being uber portable and handy for all kinds of mobile computing, I think it'll be just the thing for Weaving In My Jammies. It should run my spanky new webcam drivers a treat and it's small enough that I can pop it on top of the castle of the loom and see what folks are saying without turning round, or at the very least put it on the low table next to the loom so that the cam cords aren't dangling about all over the place. The past few days I've felt a bit like I was sitting in a mass of spaghetti noodles whilst I was weaving. Awkward, letmetellyou.

(I also ordered a new cpu fan and new hard drive for poor, poor Lulu, and Ron had something of a breakthrough when fiddling with her earlier tonight, so there's some hope that once the new stuff's bunged into her innards she'll be okay. Not 100% 'cause I don't know that I can replace all her software, but far better than the... oh, 2%, maybe? that she is right now. And there will be much rejoicing!)

ANYWAY, back to scarves! I did just that (went back to weaving scarves, that is) after supper (more spaghetti but of a far more pleasant kind!) and wove up Scarf #44 to catch up. This time I used a soft greyish green which matches the new version of green in the warp almost perfectly:

It's that one in the back. The light raisin colour in front is the one I used yesterday - now with much improved white balance so you can see what the colour actually looks like. The yellow... that's a possibility for tomorrow. These are all 2/8 orlons, which I used in one of those scarves that I never posted about last fall on a warp very similar to this one. That scarf has a lovely, soft hand and I've been wearing it myself quite a bit 'cause I like it so much, and I plan to weave quite a few more like it for sale this summer.

Speaking of which, I suspect that this year's Scarfaday offerings will tend toward finer threads than last year's. That isn't to say I won't be doing any of the chunkier threads 'cause you know, they're just So Darned Fast and Easy. Still, I'm getting over my disinclination to use the finer threads and my impatience to get scarves woven as quickly as possible. Who knows, maybe I'll even go wild and do something besides plain weave this year. ;)

Here's another look at Scarf #44:

Very springy, don't you think?

So that wraps it up for today. Tomorrow I've got a Small Business Seminar in aye em so won't be weaving until later in the afternoon. Might use that yellow or I might not; we'll just have to see what the new day brings!

Project February

I'm sooooo excited that several more people have signed on to participate in Project February in some fashion! Here are today's offerings & updates:

  • Clayton's wintery Project365 photo for Feb 03, 2010.
  • Alison's nummy 'Florentine' from her dye-a-day project on Yarnscape.
  • My friend Marg of Caper Glass has decided to go whole hog and do some glass-a-day for the whole month. :D
  • Laura's fun (& therapeutic!) rigid heddle scarves on her blog, Weaving A Life. I'm not sure if this was a one time offering or if she's going to have pics for us regularly during the month - hope so!
  • Peg's beautiful rayon chenille shawl on Weaving A Gem of a Life. Peg also hopes to weave lots during the month, tho' she isn't committing to any particular schedule, which is totally fair. [edit: Gnaaah! I knew I'd missed one! Sorry, Peg! - JWD]
Nancy, one of the students from the first week of classes that Mom and I taught last month, is going to do a scarf-a-week, too! No pics there yet but I'm really looking forward to her first installment on Friday. And Shari's, and Liz's and those of a few other folks who've mentioned they're thinking about playing along at home. :)

Hmm, I hope that's everyone. If you sent me a link and I've forgotten you, please let me know! Or if you want to participate and already have blog posts to link to, send them along! I can add new links into old posts easy peasey!

Ooph. Looks like I'm getting over exclamatory. That's a sure sign it's time for bed. See you tomorrow. :)


Woven ~N~ Spun said...

I am planning in joining in on the fun. I've posted about my first two projects on my blog already I am not sure if I will be doing a scarf a day yet or not, but I am planning on weaving each day this month. Will that count?

Alison said...

I think these are both really lovely scarves. I like the extra dimension of texture that the boucle gives.

I'm a bit scared of using boucle in the warp. What you said yesterday about sleying in the wrong reed - I can imagine. <<>>

oooh, and thanks for the linkie! :) I meant to say that yesterday, but somehow lost it in the twitterstorm...

Life Looms Large said...

Welcome back!! Glad to see that you're putting February to good and inspiring use again this year.

Love the colors of your scarves!! (Even if the white balance isn't helping me know what they really look like!)


branch manager said...

You know I like the green stuff! It takes a really loooooong time to get back to AST after being on the west coast so don't sweat the zombie days.

Liz said...

started posting my progress at