Tuesday, February 9, 2010


... I just had a really crappy day on Friday and didn't weave at all (details to follow), then had a really great day today (more details, more following) and wove so much and so hard that I wound up with a back spasm that hurt so bad that I got so faint & dizzy & passing-out-hot that the friends I was with insisted on taking me to the hospital. :P

Five hours later, I have a clean bill of health but no scarf for the day. Tomorrow's not looking terribly promising either as I have a meeting at 10 that will last 2.5 hrs, another at 2:30 that will last Some Time, a weaving date at 6:30 and a guild meeting at 7:30 for which I need to prepare a short program, a list of possible workshop teachers, a selection of suggestions for the next project on the guild's 90" loom... oh yes, and also lunch.

So. Kinda busy. Hopefully there will be some scarfing in there somewhere, perhaps ... over lunch?

I do at least have a scarf On Thee Go. As mentioned, I wasn't up for weaving on Friday but I did manage to ball up some yarn that I frogged and kool-aid dyed (in the micro, no less!) last summer and then dress my rigid heddle with it, using my spanky new 10 dpi heddle. I got a little weaving done over the weekend but had hoped to finish it up today. Ha.
Maybe even This Scarf:

Here's a close up: It is Very Very Green. Lime green, in fact, with a splash of orange and... Moonberry, perhaps?

Project February

Now, I may not have been weaving much the past couple days, but there's still a whole lot of Project February going on! A bunch of people posted stuff on Friday and there was more today. Please be sure to check out the sidebar for the many folks who've made PF posts over the past few days!

I fully intend to put links to each of these posts in a post sometime soon but it's 1:30 aye em and I've had... quite the day. That'll have to wait a bit longer but there's one person in particular I don't want to overlook - in part because she's posting to TwicPic rather than a blog so my sidebar doesn't work for her - but also because I am just sooooo tickled3 with what she's doing!

I got this tweet from @callybooker on Twitter last Thursday:

callybooker: @janetdawson Is getting up every day enough for #ProjectFebruary? I think it's about all I can realistically commit to.
I think... I think she may have been kidding but of course I jumped at the idea and then wouldn't let her off the hook when she protested. ;) She insisted she'd be too incoherent to blog about getting out of bed each day but she's been posting pics of the first thing she does each morning ever since.

Here's Friday:

♥ the slippers!

And Saturday:

♥♥♥ this mug!

And Sunday:

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ mug! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

And today:

Those are some seriously tall and narrow windows. Srlsy.

You cannot imagine how much I covet her sheep mug! @evelynoldroyd and I are planning a trip4 to Scotland to get ourselves some.

And now it's nearly 2:00 aye em, so I'm going to go play with my tiny new SQUEeePC for a couple minutes and then crash so I can be semi coherent for my meeting at 10 tomorrow morning. Somehow I doubt the guy I'm meeting with will accept a TwitPic of my new xmas slippers or any of my sheep mugs as a substitute.

1. ...said Granny Weatherwax's sign when she was out Borrowing, i.e. Not At Home (inside her own head).2

2. That is a Discworld reference. My character on the Discworld mud wears such a sign At All Times. I think I might need to get one for Roundworld, too.

3. Did I... did I just use the word "tickled" in a semi-public forum? Gadzooks.

4. A hypothetical trip. That mug would be worth every single theoretical dollar.


Susan R. said...

luuuuuv the green on the knitters loom (or whatever it is). Super! It's so fun!

And... glad to hear that the SqueeeePC is there to chipper you up!

Peg in South Carolina said...

I love the lime green as well. Sorry you've had health issues. Sure does take time away from what we really want to be doing! Cally---just getting up in the morning counts! As long as you at least sit on your loom bench for a bit.........

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the thumbs up on my daft photos! Bit worried that my twitter avatar is about ten times the size of anyone else's, though... Now I'm the creepy one...

Looking forward to more scarves now that the tablecloth's assassination attempt has been foiled.

Peg said...

I got my second set of scarves up on my blog.


I'm hoping someone can answer my question about adding width.

Kate said...

Found your blog through PattyAnne's Place.

As a fairly new weaver I am totally inspired by your projects.

Love your writing style and all of the information that you share. I'll keep checking in for more ideas.


Peg said...

Jan - Are you OK? It's been AGES since you've posted, and I'm a bit worried about you.

joan mackenzie said...

Hi Janet, Joan MacKenzie here. I didn't have your email so I thought I could get ahold of you here. I'm working on setting up my first blog and I was wondering if you can help me with something.
I really like the way your blog style fills the entire width of the screen. I was wondering how you did that, all the styles I have found are only a narrow columnn down the centre of the screen. Can you tell me how you did it?