Sunday, November 8, 2009

For your viewing pleasure: Scarfaday Live

I use the term "pleasure" loosely, you realize. There's not much to see here besides the clickety-clack of a loom at work and a shuttle swooshing back and forth, but you can now watch Weaving In My Jammies live on JustinTV. Access code: jammiecam!

Except that it won't be online all the time, or even most of the time. When it IS live, though, you can come watch me weave and chat with me while I do.1 I'll be happy for the company, and happy to answer any questions you may have about what I'm up to. If you're very lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of an elusive loom cat. You will almost certainly glimpse some flannel.

If you do stop by, be sure to introduce yourself! There's a little chat balloon jobbie to the lower right of the screen.

1. And by chat, I meant txtmsg. I've got the mic off, 'cause I didn't want to have to make it a 18+ site and One Never Knows when some swearing might happen.


ASpinnerWeaver said...

Well, I tried the link. I got to JustinTV and put in the code, but it just ignored me and asked for the code again. Hmm...

Janet said...

Meh, I've gotten that, too. The last time it happened, closing the browser and coming back worked (but just refreshing the page didn't). I told one of the customer support volunteers at JTV; we'll see if that does any good.

In the meantime, keep trying! Would love to chat sometime! :D