Friday, June 5, 2009

Guess Scarf Week

Ahoy, me hearties! Thanks heaps and heaps for all the email and little notes asking when I'd be back and wishing me well during my little hiatus. I really hoped to jump right back into the saddle at the start of June but, as you may have surmised, it took me a week or so to recover from the mayhem that was May. Things have calmed down considerably and I am feeling somewhat refreshed so by Monday it should be business as unusual around here.

I've been feeling particularly angsty about missing out on so many guest scarfa days so to make up for lost time I'm planning on doing an entire week of guest scarves. To this end, I have been trolling back through my old emails trying to find any outstanding submissions - which is to say scarves I haven't posted yet, 'cause all the scarves I've ever gotten are all outstanding, OF COURSE. I think I have emailed everyone who's sent me something I haven't used yet. If you did send me something and haven't heard anything from me in a while, please write again and prod me with a pointy stick to remind me.

To my chagrin, I found one letter - with lovely scarf pics attached, even - that I never responded to at all! Gah! Hopefully there aren't any others but please, please, please understand: if you wrote me about contributing a guest scarf and got zero response, this is because I am horrid and very disorganized have been incredibly busy and burned out by turns lately. It is definitely not because I am not interested in your scarves! If you wrote me and I didn't answer at all, PLEASE write me again.

So! I will see you next week, all set to guest scarf like maaaad.


Laura said...

As someone pointed out to me, sometimes playing hookey is required. If you haven't played enough hookey, I'm sure people will understand. :)



Life Looms Large said...


It's good to see you back - and blog as much or as little as your heart desires!!


barbara said...

The best "trick of the trade", I learned as an administrative assistant: "Offer the minimum, and provide as close to maximum as you can". That makes everyone a "happy camper". This will give a some "wiggle room". We all need "wiggle room" in this fast-paced world. Cheers - Barbara

branch manager said...

Not to worry about needing a break. Busy and burned out? You've just earned another badge in the "I am an artisan/business owner" club! Will have to bring that over with the pansies! ;)

Jenilee said...

I will have to show your blog to my husband... as funny as it sounds... he built himself a loom a few years ago so that he could learn how to weave. Why? for Royal Rangers - a boys program at our church like Boy Scouts. He did it and proudly wove knife belts, a gun/tool belt... and a few more things. He hasn't done anything with it since but he amazed me in being able to build a loom, learn to weave from a book and actually produce something GREAT! :) visiting from Lynnette Kraft

lisa said...

I hope everything is okay. A break is good - I hope you are having a wonderful time. Still, you should know we like your blog! Your scarves have been very inspiring.